Opakování 5. lekce - řešení

Can x can´t

Jim can run.

Tom can´t take photographs.

James can speak English.

My friend can´t use the computer.

Can Amy count? Yes, she can.

Can you sing Czech songs? Yes, I can.

Dan can´t drive a car.

Kim can play the violin.

Bob can´t ride a bike.

Can David read and write? No, he can´t.

Can Peter and Paul play the quitar? Yes, they can.


To x at

I must go to the theatre.

I am at home.

Let´s go to the shop.

They are at school.

I must run to the bus stop.

We meet at the bus stop.

We are going to school.


Let´s / must

Let´s go skiing.

Let´s watch TV.

Let´s go home.

Let´s go to bed.

Let´s listen to the radio.

Let´s speak English.

We must go to school every day.

I must read this book. 

I must play the piano every afternoon. 

She must have breakfast at home.  

We must cook dinner. 

I must take the bus. 


behind, in front of, next to – on the left / on the right, between, opposite

The café is in front of the car park.

The cinema is behind the library.

The school is in the park.

The factory is next to the bus stop on the right.

The hospital is between the police station and the restaurant.

The theatre is in front of the big tree.

The post office is opposite the bank.


There is x There are …

There are two pencils on the desk.

There is a dog under the chair.

There are trousers and shirts in the wardrobe.

There are two umbrellas in the box.

There is a picture between the desk and the window.

There is a window next to my bed on the left.

There is a big tree behind the house.

There are three cars in front of the school.



Projekty realizované školou byly podpořeny z OPVK, který je spolufinancován ESF a státním rozpočtem České republiky.